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Welcome to the new site!  Thank you for visiting!  The site is still under construction and will continue to look different as you come back to visit.  It was time to simplify as it needed a good spring cleaning and a little feng shui... 

I have been making costumes for myself, friends and fellow hobbyists since 2001 and have loved costumes since I was little.  I am fortunate to meet talented hobbyists along the way and I appreciate those who have been easy and fun to work with.  These great people have brought additional energy to me to continue in the hobby as my life permits.  Though I work full-time, I am currently a Graduate student working towards my MBA with a concentration in Human Resources and International Business.

Recently, I became engaged to a pirate...  well not a "real" pirate like the bad kind, but a very good and talented pirate.  It has began my journey into piratewear, so you'll see part of those things here.

Feel free to look around and contact me with any questions. Also, be sure to check out the page of "Current Offerings" for any costumes which are already constructed and immediately available.

Happy Costuming!

Captain Carter

Notice:  All images are owned and created by Captain Carter's Costumes.  Please play nice in the virtual sandbox and do not use my images as your own or reproduce them, unless I have given express permission to do so. 

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