The Scifi Realm is getting so much bigger these days!  Though I may not fully embrace some of the new venues showing up at conventions, I think I can keep busy enough with the new Star Wars movie coming out, a reboot of Stargate (I’m skeptical), Marvel TV and Movies and more…  the world has just exploded.  I truly miss Star Trek TNG though.  I get sad when I think about it.  It’s weekly TV to me, and not necessarily movies.  I do appreciate the fan made series, Star Trek Continues, on You Tube.  I would love to see many seasons of  it, as it’s very nicely done.

I’ve welcomed in Renaissance, Pirate, and other period costumes.   I have been doing this since 2001, and much more is on the list to make!  I have done several other types costumes, but since it was unrelated to Star Wars, I didn’t think to get pictures which were good enough to post to the site.  However, now with the new format on the website, I will be including many more of the projects to show.

In my posts, I will individually talk about each of the costumes.  Most of them I’m willing to make for others as my time currently allows.  Everyday life tends to take away time to just hobby, so I do what I can to fit it into my schedule.

I think it’s important to discuss each costume in more detail.  It’s something I’ve never done, so I’m going to give it a try.  I will be blogging about all of my current projects, and like most things, I have several going at once.  Some of them are scifi, some of them are renaissance, some of them are unrelated projects to the science fiction and fantasy world.

Should you wish to contact me about a project, you may send me a message on the Info page.

Again, welcome to the new site!  So many great memories are ahead of us!