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A New World – and Obi Wan


Things in my life have changed, and my extra time has dwindled, and I have been forced to focus on some of my personal responsibilities.  Though I’m still determined to make costumes – of different genres – I have decided to take time to enjoy the new movies instead.  It doesn’t mean I won’t be making any costumes from the movie, but I will be choosy about which ones.   I don’t want to get bored again, and then have to press on, all the while thinking that I would like to try something new.

The leaked photo and some of the other released photos of the new movie, have me anxious about what is next.  I liked the new Luke version, borrowed from the late Obi Wan, and I like the idea of a lighter color robe.  But I know there are going to be so many more costumes as we get closer to December!

In the past, I have done a late Obi Wan costume for a couple of people.  I’m anxious to get a better look at the fabric the older Obi Wan is using!

The late Obi Wan consists of one long, more narrow tabard that drapes across the neck, and held with a sash.  Either version can be done in linen or raw silk.  I have on occasion, been able to snag a homespun heavyweight crinkled mix fabric.  The shirt underneath is a shorter turtleneck, made of ponte.

late obi wan