Learner Tunics

There are many variations of a Learner Tunic.  I make mine from a cotton homespun gauze.  Gauze color can be tricky but I regularly get the option of two different types of brown.  One is just a tad more milk chocolate brown, and the other has a tinge of black.

There are, of course, fabric tabards that come with these.  But I also have pleather tabards available.  As a fellow hobbyist, I would always recommend a true leather tabard for these.  I don’t have a leather machine and it’s not in the cards for the moment to move to leather, so I don’t offer leather.  It truly can be a different way of sewing, and they are two different crafts.    The stretch pleather can be difficult to manage, but considerably cheaper.   It comes in black and dark brown as you can see in the pictures.

There are different Undershirts for Learners, but I will dismantle those in another post!

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Learner 2 Tunic Set with title    learner 3 tunic set with title











For The Little Ones…

When I was able to costume full-time, every October I would complete my orders and use the leftover fabric for pro-bono gifts to children of those hobbyists who were so gracious to work with.  I have a lot of fun with this and hope I can do it again sometime.  But here’s one of them that I thought was just pretty darn cute: