The Anatomy of a Tunic

So in the world of tunics, there is a lingo that helps us communicate.  If you’ve not ever heard it, here’s a listing.

  • A Tunic is the jacket piece of the set.  The neckline is similar to that of a kimono, though it’s technically called a surplice neckline.
  • An Undershirt is the shirt beneath the tunic.  Most of these have sleeves that gather extra fabric at the wrist.
  • A Tabard/Set of Tabards are the strips of fabric that come over the shoulder and bind at the waist.
  • A Sash is the piece that fits around the waist, right where your saber belt will go over.

The good thing is they are not acronyms, so they are a little easier to follow than what we have to deal with in the business world at work, right?