Waistcoats for Pirate Costumes

The pirate world is a bit of a new endeavor for me.  I make Waistcoats because my husband wears them for his work.  Not many people can say that!  🙂  But these costumes are outside all day long, in whatever weather, sometimes horribly hot or really cold.  So I always have to focus on getting some decent material that will wash up nice and be made sturdy enough to wear all the time.  The material has to be natural, because they are looking for authenticity of the time.  They just didn’t make polyester and spandex back then!  I also always have to watch for sewing machine stitches showing.  So a lot of the things I will do by hand if they could potentially show.  The actual structure of the costume is made just like all my other costumes, with a 4 threaded serger to reinforce all the seams on the inside.

I used piping around the edges of the fabric, that I had covered with the extra fabric.  My original prototype had a different color on the outside, which could also look really nice.  On the inside facing of the sleeves, I hand stitched that so that no sewing machine stitches would show.

The pockets are welt pockets, though I have made other kinds as well.  It just depends on the look you want, and if you want to actually use them.  Welt pockets stand up pretty well to frequent use, but they aren’t indestructible.  I will be posting some pictures of WIP pictures of the welt pockets on the next waistcoat.

The black and gold Waistcoats are made of 100% linen and have a cotton lining.  The red Waistcoat is made of cotton but does have a satin lining, because using a cotton lining would have made it too thick. The buttons are custom ordered buttons, and they require a lot of them!

chris black waistcoat reduced with title  red waistcoat arm lining and facing with title







waistcoat yellow with title

  Pirate Wear 2 with title